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Driving Instructor

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We've complied some of the comments from past pupils for you below - please have a read!

David is a fantastic driving instructor with so much time and patience for his students, I would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving lessons. He is so easy to have a chat with so it makes the whole experience of driving a lot more comfortable. I can't thank David enough for helping me pass my test, even if it take me a while to get the hang of it.

Cicely Curtis

I fully recommend having lessons with David, he is a top guy and a fantastic instructor. His strengths are the he keeps calm, always turns up on time, and comprehensively prepared me for my test. David went the extra mile to ensure I had the hours I needed to pass my test and 100% deserves your custom. He is also a top bloke and a good laugh which really helps set you at ease.

Ben Jones

David was a brilliant driving instructor, learnt at the right pace for me. Also didn't just learn how to pass the test, David taught me about driving so I was safe once I had passed. I really enjoyed my lessons and would recommend David to anyone who is learning.
Ross MacGourlay

I started learning to drive quite late in life, and have been taking lessons on and off for several years, I started having lessons with Dave last year and found him very easy to get on with from the start, I'm not the easiest of pupils to teach since I'm very nervous and have very low self-belief in myself in fact there were many times I felt like giving up even to the point at one time I didn't go for a test that I had booked!
Dave always made me feel 'I could do it' and that it was me holding myself back, well, I'm happy to report that on the 22nd of April I finally passed my test and I truly believe that it was Dave's confidence and belief in me that got me through the test, he always told me that I was capable of passing a test if only I had more belief in myself.
So, thank you so much Dave for never giving up on me especially since I gave up on myself so many times, if anyone ever asked me did I know a good driving instructor I'd have no hesitation in highly recommending Dave Backham.
Marie Clydesdale

From the first moment David put me behind the wheel, he made me feel confident and at ease. I felt like I made progress with every lesson by David giving me a clear and concise message on what we had to work on. But more importantly, every lesson was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend David to anyone of any age.

James Buckland

David is an exceptional instructor. He's very patient and takes the time to explain things properly. David is also very easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour, which is always great for calming the nerves. I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by David and cannot recommend him enough.


Excellent teacher, cheers for your help and support.

Rebbecca Wright